i'm thrilled to post this from an article in the new boston review by poet and harvard professor, stephen burt. in it he describes what he sees as a new direction and collective in poetry, deeming it the New Thing (his caps). burt includes in this stellar company my husband's online magazine the cultural society and his first book of poems among other things... so, so proud of him.

an excerpt:

If the most important independent press for the New Thing is Flood, the most important magazine is Zach Barocas’s Web-based Cultural Society. Barocas entitled his own first book (itself surely part of the New Thing) Among Other Things. Barocas’s poem “Things to Do Today” makes a list of “things I’ve counted on,” among them “cigarettes, history, trucks, & trash,” “lapses, / flares, & lusty resolve”; disarmingly stark lines elsewhere in that same book promise to “abandon / elliptical things.” Among the first poets Barocas’s journal published, in 2001–02, were Peter O’Leary, Norman Finkelstein, and Michael Heller, prominent scholars of Objectivist writing, and Mark Scroggins, then at work on Zukofsky’s biography. Barocas has also published Johnston, Massey, Marks, and Foust; the Flood writers Philip Jenks, John Tipton, and Pam Rehm.

see the whole article here.
take a peek at zach's book here.

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